Thank you for accessing the Bayer Rewards site. We are currently not accepting any new registrations, and all claims for existing participants must be completed by January 22, 2018. If you have questions, please contact your Bayer Animal Health Sales Representative.

Bayer Rewards: An opportunity for you, from Bayer.

Bayer Rewards are based on a simple idea: Livestock producers that use more Bayer products deserve larger rebates.

We decided to bring that idea to life by increasing your rebate rates when your utilization of Bayer products increases. In other words: When your purchases grow, so will your rebate rates.

And you’re in control of it all. A Rebate Calculator helps you estimate your earnings for the year, and you can track your progress along the way with your Account Tracker.

Plus, whether you register as a business or individual, it’s easy to upload your rebates and receive payments. The forms are simple and painless, and payments are quick and seamless.

You’ll always be in the loop, too. We’ll keep you up to date with emails when additional opportunities open up. Plus, you’ll know right away when your payments are processed.

Everything on Bayer Rewards is designed to be quick and hassle-free.

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